Traffic square

Super-bright 2,7" FLARM® display with navigation

Compatible with any FLARM® or PowerFLARM® device
Advanced dedicated display for any FLARM® or PowerFLARM® device, designed with the biggest and brightest display in compact housing that will fit into every cockpit.
Through years, we produced over 15.000 FLARM and PowerFLARM devices which provided us with advanced knowledge and experience. The Traffic square is the synonym for great readability, multi-functionality and simple operation.
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Compatible with any FLARM® or PowerFLARM® device

We designed ultimate, super-bright display, compatible with any device on the market.

Audio-visual warnings

From ground up, we reinvented the graphic user interface and made the user experience simple yet sophisticated. 

Navigation function

Just in case, we incorporated also Turnpoint (TP) and Airport (APT) navigation with airspace support to make it even safer.

Function packed device

Traffic square has 2 colour modes, navigation with airspace support, logbook with download, custom IDs and much more.
Traffic square

Intuitive design counts

LX navigation is proud to stand out with advanced and intuitive user interface design, provide the unique user experience at reasonable cost.

Traffic square is the new milestone, with minimal display bezel and simple user interface we offer pilots a new safety standard for any cockpit.


Super-bright, 2.7" LCD display


Any FLARM® or PowerFLARM® device


80 g


73 x 51 x 20 mm (max. without knob)

Connect it to PowerFLARM Eagle

PowerFLARM Eagle is the ultimate PowerFLARM device on the market with all the functions and features but at the most affordable price.

Select and combine many additional functions like Diversity module, IGC flight recorder, IGC + ENL flight recorder, ADS-B in, Garmin TIS® support or Bluetooth.

Turnpoint and Airport navigation

We implemented also 2 separated navigation pages to Turnpoint (TP) and Airport (APT), both using free database with free Airspace support.

To enhance safety, we strive to offer as much as we can in every product.

Flarm functions

Radar, warnings, IDs, select


Micro SD card, 2x RJ 45


16 GB internal memory

Colour themes

White / Black

The smallest display bezel

We designed the device with the smallest display bezel in this category of products.

Simple control over the complex device

User experience is superb, as you move through pages with single joystick button and select your options with push function. Each page is designed to be readable and clear to understand.

Super-bright display

One of the brightest displays ever used in a FLARM display.

Simple installation

Along with the device, the pilot receives a 1:1 cutout to install the device in the instrument panel in a matter of minutes.

Backup navigation

It is always smart to have a backup. That’s why Traffic square has also TP and APT navigation pages.

Save space

Add Traffic square to your system if you lack the space. With its compact dimensions, it fits into every cockpit, without exceptions.

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