Highest level IGC certified loggers

Certified by the IGC committee of the FAI, our flight recorders can be used for OLC, competitions, claiming national and world records. Based on state-of-the-art sensors and often offering additional functions like navigation, you should never be without one. Or two, preferably.

Requirement for all FES and JET equipped aircraft, with a twist

Our LX MOP IGC not only expands any CAN-connected flight recorder (Eos, Era) with MOP capability, but also is a standalone flight recorder with reserve battery on its own.

This way, you get two IGC certified loggers with MOP capability, just by connecting the LX MOP IGC to your LX navigation system.
LX Colibri X

Our most capable hand-held device

Glider / Paraglider / Powered aviation

Developed to provide full navigation to glider pilots, paraglider pilots and powered aviation pilots alike, the Colibri X offers full on Turnpoint, Airport, Task/Route and Nearest landable navigation.

The IGC and ENL certified logger, boasting the new redesigned OS and additional features is an ideal device for beginner pilots flying in clubs, as well as a reserve navigation device for more experienced pilots.

LX Colibri 2

The classic

Backup IGC logger with ENL

Our bullet-proof classic lives on! This simple standalone IGC logger with ENL is the smallest and cheapest logger, while still having a screen with simple turnpoint and task navigation.

You can keep it in your glider at all times to be a back-up for your main navigation and logging system.


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