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Digital and mechanical indicators, electronic displays and more help pilots make better, faster, more fully informed decisions in the cockpit by clearly displaying sensor inputs and aircraft systems information. These individual display components offer reliable replacement/upgrade solutions that scale to meet your mission requirements.

Know your attitude

Goes with all CAN-based LX displays

A New Digital Attitude And Heading Reference System (AHRS) Developed For A Very Accurate Measurement Of Current Airplane Position In 3D Space.


All functions on your flight control stick

Ease your access to your device with the LX Joy. Included Vibra motor gives vibration warnings to help notice warnings.

Fuse holder

Take care of your battery

For led acid batteries

Holding your fuse, keeping your battery safe from under-voltage and over-current dangers.


Just a simple additional display

For all CAN-based devices

Just a simple display that can be mounted anywhere to show additional information.

When connected to the LX AHRS, they make a simple standalone AHRS system.

Flaps sensor

Incorporate your Flaps into our systems

Compatible with all CAN-based systems

Can be connected to Eos 80 and Era variometers, as well as the LX 10K and Zeus systems.

Using the Flap sensor, our system will be able to check if your recommended and current flap settings coincide.


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