Avionics for your Ultralight airplane

Based on our customers' requests and with the help of our 45 year tradition in making state-of-the-art aircraft navigation equipment, we decided to design instruments for powered aviation.

Our new line of iris devices covers everything from basic indicators, to the iris EFIS Pro, all backed up with an internal battery, all utilizing our CAN interface and all providing excellent data in a clear and simple manner to the pilot, while retaining the eye-pleasing circular instrument format.

Shaping the future of primary flight instruments

We developed an innovative yet clear to use system of configurable primary flight instruments, which can be adjusted to the pilot's specific needs and the airplane's specific flight envelope.

Pilots are now able to change the layout of our devices after installation with the revolutionary CAN2WIFI interface, which enables them to choose which flight parameters are shown on the screen and tailor the emphasis of flight parameters to the pilot's specific requirements.

These devices are small, light, clear and easy to use, and all have a built-in reserve battery, making them a good backup device as well.

On the manufacturer side, the CAN2WIFI interface allows them to have a stock of devices, which can be configured to the specific speed arches, units and layouts depending on the market the airplane is going to.

Backup batteries as standard

At LX navigation, we believe in reliability. We strive to provide the best solutions to the problems, that is why we install backup battery with up to 3h of juice in every single device without additional costs.

Clear and intuitive interface

Based on our personal experience as pilots and customer feedback, we managed to develop advanced user interfaces with unique user experience and ease of use.

Based on 40 years of know-how

Our story began in 1975 with first prototypes of electronic variometer which progressed through years into GPS based devices and advanced avionics systems.

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