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Reducing pilot workload in the cockpit is our main goal. We do it by making the system as easy and intuitive to use, as possible. We communicate with our pilots on a daily basis, receiving crucial feedback for further development of our systems. In making this happen, we allow the pilot more time to be looking out of the cockpit, thinking of his final glide, observing the weather and surrounding gliders, helping him enhance his flying skills.
LX 10K

Compact and capable - the LX 10K

Digital & Analogue indicator

Developed on our new ARM-based hardware platform, the LX 10K is an extremely capable unit. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth included, you are able to access all capabilities of the LX Cloud ecosystem.

Together with the digital or analogue indicator, they perfectly fit existing holes from legacy LX instruments, such as LX 5000, LX 7007, etc. Thus making it an excellent value and simple to install replacement.

With it's built-in reserve battery 4 dedicated navigation pages and IGC with ENL certification, it will cover a wide area of gliding - from beginner flights in the airport vicinity, to competition flying internationally.

LX Zeus

The single most intuitive system out there

2.8” / 4.3” / 5.5” / 7.0”
Our most advanced system, featuring the new Era variometer as standard from now on. With the Wi-Fi function of the Era, the Zeus is capable of exploiting the LX Cloud ecosystem.

The Zeus is paired with a fully-featured standalone variometer, and not just a vario indicator. This change in logic allows for greater redundancy, as the Era variometer feature a built-in reserve battery, IGC and ENL certification and all required sensors, meaning you will not loose your navigation nor your IGC flight, if you loose your power.

Our intuitive OS5 reduces pilot workload, brings all functions closer to the pilot and makes everything clear with labelled push-buttons. Further ease of use is enabled with the LX Joy remote stick.


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Less is more

We try to make our systems easy to use for everyone - from beginner to expert. Our main way in doing this is reducing the number of buttons and knobs, eliminating non-labelled buttons altogether, envisioning our OS in such a way that the least number of pilot inputs is required in order to get somewhere and making everything clear and simple.

With labelled, dedicated double-function buttons (short press and long press), you instantly know how to get where you're going, without as much as a thought - it's written right there.

Use of two push-rotary knobs (instead of four, like our legacy devices), voids the need for vertical movements, which inherently makes you block the screen with your hand. The push-function in our rotary knobs makes it easier to access all settings without ever moving the arm from the push-rotary knob.

The same logic is held throughout the Zeus line-up and is transferred to our smaller systems, like Era variometers and the LX 10K system.

CAN as the ultimate communication protocol

All accessories are plug-and-play, with a single CAN cable. You can connect as many as you wish by connecting them in a daisy-chain and they all communicate with each-other.

LX Cloud - the platform for our future

All Wi-Fi equipped systems are the basis for our future development work. Getting Wi-Fi now means that you are set for a long time.

Back-up batteries are our primary feature

All our variometers have a built-in backup battery as standard. This allows them to provide you with navigation, log your flights and bring you home, even when you loose your power.


The CAN protocol allows for accessorizing like never before.

If you already have a system and wish to connect an LX Joy, all that is needed is to connect it to a free slot in you CAN daisy-chain.

Accessorizing gives you a more capable, easier to use and more redundant system. Backup loggers, MOP capability, Flap sensors, additional indicators, all connected and communicating with just one click of the RJ45 connector.

Aircraft navigation

It is estimated, that aircraft navigation used to take up to 30% of the pilot's processing power. Possibly even more with glider navigation, with our complicated tasks and variable weather.
Advances in gliding navigation make it easier for the pilot to progress his flying skill and is arguably the easiest way to enhance your flying, simply by giving your brain more space to work on what is important and leaving the navigation part to us.

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