Control handlebar with vibration warnings

Plug and play with any LX device
Hand-stitched leather handlebar with control buttons and Vibrationโ„ข warnings with CAN-BUS connectivity for LX navigation instruments.
Connect any LX navigation instrument via a simple interface to control the situation with the ease and comfort of your gliding seat.

Real leather

The highest quality leather is hand-stitched to allow the best and most comfortable grip.

Central button

With 5 directional central button you can move in all directions and confirm with push.

Push to talk

PTT button will control your Radio over the Radio bridge for your device.

Speed command

The button on the back of the joystick will switch between Vario and Speed command mode.

Vibrationโ„ข alerts

Joysticks has a built-in module for special warnings which play crucial roll in high stress situation.

All sizes supported

We support all standard glider manufacturer Joystick rod diameter sizes and non standard too.

Zeus/Era version

Select the right version of Joystick for your setup. We offer Zeus and Era/LX 10K version.

Control LX device

Joystick will control any LX device with CAN-BUS port on the back and display in front.

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