In Memoriam Črtomir Rojnik

1949 - 2021

The gliding community has lost one of the greatest pioneers. 

A true aviator, inventor, visioner, genius, and entrepreneur. 
His ideas, inventions, products have changed the way we are flying today. Safer, faster, higher, longer. He was passionate about the sport he loved and spent his lifetime exploring the beauty of flying.

He was an exceptional entrepreneur. His passion for flying and technology grew and evolved into LX navigation. Through his career, he helped other companies including LXNAV, Kanardia, Navteh, and LX track on their way to success and support dozens of individuals to grow in the gliding community and professionally. He selflessly invested his time and effort to support gliding and flying locally and worldwide.

With great pain, we say our farewell to our friend. 

He is now, and forever soaring.

Share your thoughts, memories and condolences:

Rest in peace Črt

He will be always with us in the sound of variometer! Rest in peace!

Iskreno sožalje vsem,

Miha Premrl

My sincere condolences!

My sincere condolences! 😓 I got to know and appreciate Crt as a friend and business partner. He was always open and honest, helpful and fair to me. Especially his expertise for Varios and instruments, radios and transponders was sensational! Crt was always on hand with extremly expert advice, gave tips and, above all, he was an entrepreneur, self- and constantly. We lose a person and pilot and friend who did an unspeakable amount for cockpit equipment of gliders and ultralights.

Rest in peace Crt and thanks for everything I was allowed to learn from you
Dieter Schwenk

Plavo nebo Črt

Dragi prijatelji, 

Čuli smo za tužnu vijest i odlazak velikog jedriličarskog genija, dragog nam prijatelja Črta. 

Iznimno nam je drago da je Črt bio i naš gost u Livnu i da je letio s nama. 
Ostavio je veliki trag u svjetskom jedriličarstvu i hvala mu na velikom doprinosu.

Ovim putem izražavamo duboku sućut obitelji, Lxnavigation i cijeloj jedriličarskoj zajednici u Sloveniji. 

Počivao u miru Črt i želimo ti plavo nebo prepuno kumulusa...
Članovi Aerokluba Livno

A really sad day

A really sad day. 

I first met Crtomir almost 30 years ago. A quiet and helpful gentleman who led the way in modern soaring instruments.
His visit to Gariep Dam will always be remembered. 

Rest in peace Crtomir.
Peter How

To a great man

Dear friends,

Crtomir was a real reference in our life. We remember him coming to Italy in the ’80 with his knowledge. He had already in mind what was happening in the gliding movement. A man who was years ahead. Gliding is what it is now also thanks to his efforts.

But most of all we remember him like a great man for his humanity, for his style.
I and my father have been very kinked to him for many years. 

We will fly also thinking of you.

Ciao Crto!

Crt - one of my best friends...

Crt passed away....
No words, no fun here.
I will keep in my memory all days, all hours spent together.

Crt, thanks for it all.


I wish Črtomir all the best on his last flight


I met Črtomir Rojnik in 1994 for the first time. I was one of the first LX4000 user in Germany. He supported all LX Clients (not too many that time) during the German Championchips in Neustadt-Gleve 1994 where I participated. I had some technical problems and he was always very friendly, patient (with a nervous contestant) and helpful.

It is very impressive to see how the company and the LX family has developed over the years up to now.
You all have my sympathy.

I wish Črtomir all the best on his last flight.

Best Regards,
Uwe Wiedow

Good soaring in the blue sky!!! 

My personal remember it was during the installation of the Zeus on my duo discus at Celje.
Always calm and relaxed.
A remember picture of year 2008 I think.

Good soaring in the blue sky!!!

Those are sad news to me and the Portuguese gliding community


Those are sad news to me and the Portuguese gliding community.
Crtomir was a pioneer and a glider passionate.
I believe that the actual leadership of gliding instruments by Slovenian companies is due to him.

R. I. P.
João Rosa


Iskreno sožalje ob izgubi vašega mentorja in vodje, predvsem pa strastnega jadralnega pilota.


Iskreno sožalje družini, sodelavcem in prijateljem

Črtomir Rojnik je s svojo osebnostjo, predanostjo in delom pustil neizbrisen pečat v jadralni aviaciji in ponesel ime Slovenije v svet na svoj, edinstven način.  
S spoštovanjem in hvaležnostjo se ga bomo spominjali kot ene prvih strank in kot zanesljivega poslovnega partnerja ter sogovornika, ki nam je bil v navdih.

Iskreno sožalje družini, sodelavcem in prijateljem.
Družina Novak

Crt you will always be with us…

Dear Friend ,

its tremendously hard and sad to accept that you have left us.

To a lot of us you were like a gliding father, always there to help, always there to advice.
It was such a privilege to know you, such a privilege just seat with you and enjoy all you wisdom in your LX Haza.
Thank you for all things you did for us , all you did for gliding world.

You will always be with us …
Zoran Frenc

We had a nice afternoon together in the summer sunshine at my house and this is a memory to remember.

I have learned that Crtomir Rojnik has left us. It was sad news. It is now 35 years ago that I learned to know him via my very good friend Oto Licenberger at the Firma Jastreb in Vrsac at a time when I imported the St,Cirrus G/81 to Sweden. During the years to follow we were in regular contact and I could follow his instrument development like the LX100, LX500, LX1000 and later on LX7000, Colibri and the Zeus. It was always easy to reach Crtomir Rojnik in case of questions whenever support was needed. He paid me a visit in 1993 on his way to the WGC in Borlänge, Sweden. We had a nice afternoon together in the summer sunshine at my house and this is a memory to remember.

Ingemar Sjöholm

My thoughts to your family 

Dear Crtomir, 
It has been a great pleasure to cooperate with you all over the years. 
you've been a fair partner and a good friend for more than 20 years. 
Your inputs in the gliding community are so huge !!

My thoughts to your family 
Have a nice and long flight !

Christian STUCK (Finesse Max, France)

Večerna misel

Kako plavaš po zraku, Črt?

Če znaš, je čisto preprostio, odgovarjaš.
Stopiš korak, dva, tri, štiri, pet, šest, sedem, osem po stopnicah iz zraka. Potem se nagneš naprej in zaplavaš.

za Črta, ki je bil vedno korak pred nami

(prirejeno po kratki zgodbi Petra Svetine iz zbirke Timbuktu Timbuktu)


Rest in Peace Crtomir !

. . . habe soeben vom Tod von Crtomir gelesen .

Ich habe Crtomir vor über 40 Jahren in Hammelburg kennen gelernt, und dann Jahre später mir ihm auch zusammen arbeiten können.

Auf einer gemeinsamen Fahrt nach Celle, und einem Zwischenstopp bei Boris in Sempeter, habe ich seine Persönlichkeit ausführlich kennen lernen dürfen. 

Bei Boris angekommen bekam Crtomir heftigste Migräne vom slowenischen Föhn. Abhilfe war dann ein heftiger, gekochter, zuckerloser Mocca mit einer ganzen ausgepressten Zitrone darin.

Crtomir, mit grauem Gesicht durch die Föhnschmerzen, trank das Gebräu, schüttelte sich und legte sich schlafen. 

Eine Stunde später kam er wieder, wie neu geboren.

Ich selbst habe diese Medizin dann auch mal probiert, . . . einfach nur grauenhaft.

Zu dieser Zeit, vor einem halben Leben, war seine Firma noch sehr klein. Nur mit einer Hand voll Mitarbeiter.

Diese Reise nach Celje wird mich noch lange an Crtomir erinnern.

Rest in Peace Crtomir !

In Memoriam, 

Reinhard T. WILHELM



. . . just read about the death of Crtomir. 

I met Crtomir over 40 years ago in Hammelburg, and years later I was able to work with him. On a joint trip to Celle and a stopover at Boris in Sempeter, I was able to get to know his personality in detail. 

When he got to Boris, Crtomir had severe migraines from the Slovenian Föhn. The remedy was a heavy, boiled, sugarless mocha with a whole squeezed lemon in it. Crtomir, gray-faced from the Föhn pain, drank the brew, shook himself, and went to sleep. An hour later he came back, as if reborn. 

I tried this medicine myself,. . . just horrible. At that time, half a life ago, his company was still very small. Only with a handful of employees. 

This trip to Celje will remind me of Crtomir for a long time. 

Rest in Peace Crtomir! 

In memoriam, Reinhard T. WILHELM, Germany