Complete avionics suite for your glider

We provide a complete a complete suite of avionics for gliders, ranging from state-of-the-art Zeus systems, standalone variometers, trade-in devices, handheld loggers, joysticks and other accessories.

The new connectivity platform

The LX 10k, LX Era and LX Eos 80, along with the iris EFIS pro are all built on our new platform enhanced by connectivity. This platform incorporates transflective technology displays on 80 mm units, reserve batteries across the line-up, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with access to LX cloud and IGC certified with ENL and expandable to MOP for the gliding side of the line-up.

When part of a Zeus system, the connectivity platform expands to the Zeus and connects it to the LX cloud as well.

All of these features come as standard, no additional charge required.

Zeus as the ultimate system

The most advanced navigation system we make in combination with our advanced standalone variometers give you the edge in navigation and the redundancy you need to get home safely.

PowerFlarm Eagle

The best we offer in safety, expanding any Flarm compatible device you have to a Flarm radar and Flarm warning screen. The only device apart from PowerFlarm to fully support ADS-B.

Colibri X

Leading the way in compact, handheld yet powerful devices, the Colibri X has it all. Capacitive technology touchscreen, intuitive user interface and clean design ease operation.

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