Flaps sensor

Detects your current flaps position

Plug and play with any LX device
The unit is capable to detect longitudinal movement of the flaps lever command rod. The device, which converts longitudinal movement into an electrical signal, is a high quality wire-wound multi turn potentiometer.

Precise sensors

Three angular rate sensors – gyros, one per each axis to provide super accurate data.

Easy calibration

Simple calibration procedure via Zeus vario-navigation system, Era or Eos variometer.

Standalone option

Standalone solution is possible with NavBox as indicator for your flaps position.

Simple installation

A compact Flaps sensor is easy to install, simply connect it via CAN-BUS and voila. 


34 x 27 x 18 mm


248 g

Cord max move

300 mm

Power supply

via CAN-BUS 

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