LED display

Low power consumption Flarm LED indicator

Plug and play with any FLARM or PowerFLARM device
A small and compact LED display for any FLARM or PowerFLARM device will work plug and play. LED display features LED indicators and an audio beeper for audio-visual indication and warnings in case of a potential mid-air collision.

Compatible with all

LED display is compatible with any FLARM device, no matter the manufacturer.

Traffic position

It provides pilot with position of another aircraft in horizontal and vertical relation.

Single connector

Connect your FLARM device via single 1:1 FLARM cable. Thats it.  

Audio warnings

Depending on frequency, pilot will know how near or how far is another aircraft.


49 x 25 x 5 mm


28 g


RJ45 6P 

Power supply

via 1:1 FLARM cable

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